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Monday, November 27, 2017

What Bow Did Over Thanksgiving Break

Bow's favorite thing at the Thanksgiving dinner is the sparkling red grape juice.

His second favorite thing is the cranberry sauce.

His third favorite thing this year was the apple pie. He had so many servings of these delicacies that he hardly touched the turkey or the stuffing. But he did like the sweet potatoes, too. We had so much going on, though, that I did not take that many pictures of Bow eating.

A day or two before the guests began to arrive, we had an internet outage, so Bow and I got very engrossed in a book I ordered about Monarchs and Milkweed.

The first of our guests to arrive was my Sword. There was much jubilation!

My mother arrived shortly after. She really admired my old gnarled oak tree, so I took a photo of her in front of it.

That evening, we had the most beautiful sunset.

I love that old oak tree, but it died this year, and people say it must be chopped down. I am hoping to find some other way. But I am glad it was still here this year for my mother to pose with.

Besides all that was going on, Bow and I continued to work on the trailer for the release of Audible Vacuum County.

The trailer was published late on Thanksgiving day. I sent a link to Sword a few days later, and she sent me back this screenshot.

I am glad that videos of Bow grooming me are doing so well, but I would also like people to pay attention to the book trailers. By the way, Bow helps me to edit all my videos. In the one embedded below, you can see how he grooms me, and then he attends to the process of rendering the video.

Bow is involved with everything I do, and he is not as unsophisticated as some people assume. He knows he is being filmed, and he cooperates with the entire process. He is a bit of a ham.

Bow dislikes clothes, but he even agreed to put on the Vacuum County T-shirt this morning, when I told him it was for a good cause.  Here's the back side.

No, he doesn't have any pants on, but he did put on the shirt all by himself. By the way, Bow and I wear the same size of shirt. It's a women's medium. But that shirt comes in many other sizes.

If you would like to make a contribution to Project Bow this year, consider buying a T-shirt or one of the books I have published. 

Books and Shirts
There is also a chance to win a free T-shirt, if you follow the link below:

Thanksgiving was great. But this is Cyber Monday. Even Bow understands. Let the buying begin!


  1. I really can't compete with a Chimpanzee that dresses himself.

    1. Neither can I, Kelly, neither can I. Bow rules.

  2. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Please tell bow I love cranberry sauce too :)

    1. Hi, Susan. Thanks! I will let Bow know that you share his taste!

  3. Bow looks great in that shirt. I hope more people enter the shirt contest for the ones you have created based on the novel Vacuum County.

  4. I do not know why the tree has to be chopped down. We had a large coulter pine near our house that died and stood for a good ten years. Then when they started obsessing with clearing trees due to fire concerns, they decided to cut down this tree. It was a sad day because many birds and squirrels made their home in that tree even though it was dead. So if the tree being there is causing no harm, I do not see any reason to cut it down. It adds character, and I like its silhouette.

    1. Hi, Julia. I do not want to chop the tree down. I would rather let nature take its course slowly. But people have been warning me that it might fall down suddenly and hit my house. However, I have seen a healthy young tree felled by the wind when we had almost what amounted to a tornado in the area -- and this dead tree kept standing. So I don't know what to think.

  5. Loved the picture of the sunset and the picture of your mother in front of the old tree. My advice on the tree would be to compromise - cut off the limbs that are weighted towards your house, so that the bulk of the weight would carry the tree in the opposite direction - make sense? That way, you can both give the tree over to the numerous animals that will make use of the decaying wood / insects and enjoy it as it breaks down. I LOVE old, dying trees - we've had 6 hit by lightning here and we just let them drop naturally, since they're far enough away from our house.
    Loved to see Bow promoting your t-shirt for you!

    1. Hi, Kathy. I will follow your advice about the tree. It does sound like a very reasonable compromise. The woodpeckers always go to the other side of the tree, anyway, when they see me coming.

      Bow amazed me when he agreed to wear the shirt! Not for long, though.