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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let Grandma Live Here

My mother was recently here for a three day visit. Bow, as usual, was thrilled to have her come, enjoyed the special treats she gave him and the dishes she made, and generally was happy in her company.

There are times when Bow was the focus of attention, and my mother spoke directly with him and to him, but there were other times when Bow was content to listen to the grown ups talk, and one topic my mother spoke about is her interest in secure housing for seniors with an independent lifestyles. She brought some postcard ads that she received from such places, and she even showed Bow what she was talking about. 

Yesterday, when the time to leave was drawing close, my mother said casually that she would love to invite Bow to come with her, but I said Bow could not come, because he has to stay here.

"Yes. Of course," my mother said to Bow. "You have a very strong house here. It is very secure. It keeps you safe."

Bow, who had been mostly silent, listening to the conversation, took my hand suddenly, brought me to the glass and spelled: תני לסבתא לגור פה.

"Let Grandma live here," he was saying.

"What here in the cage?" she asked. He indicated yes. It was a nice idea, but hard to reply to. 

When we didn't immediately respond to this proposal, he repeated it again verbatim. And later, he just wrote: תני לסבתא להשאר

"Let Grandma stay."

My mother told Bow she had to go home now, but that she would be back for Thanksgiving. He accepted this, and when the airport shuttle came to pick her up, he stood watching through the door until the van drove off.

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