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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

Taken this morning 8-6-2013
For days now it's been raining every morning. It starts before dawn, and often it does not stop till the afternoon. Then it resumes again in the evening or at night. The effect has been very good for our fruit, so I am not really complaining, but for Bow it has been a trying time. A thunderstorm woke him in the night, and he was upset for a while. This morning, while it rains, Bow naps.

Outside the gentle drone of the rain's pitter-pat drowns out any other noise.

It has been raining so much that everything outside is getting greener and greener, like something in a tropical paradise. Even Bow's bench is turning a little green.

When he goes outside in the afternoon, during lulls in the rain, Bow is careful not to walk on the wet parts.

Taken yesterday afternoon -- 8-5-2013

He looks for safe place to put his foot down, on that is neither wet nor green.

Taken 8-3-2013

No matter what else is going on, Bow wants his feet to stay dry.

taken 8-3-2013

Puddles are starting to form everywhere. The ditches at the sides of the road on my property are full. A friend reported 2.5 inches of rain yesterday and another 2.5 this morning so far.She said the fish in her pond were hanging onto weeds to avoid being swept away.

A puddle on my property

Last year, we had a terrible drought that killed fruit trees and caused a shortage of hay for cattle and horses. Let's hope that this year's rain does not turn into a flood. It's good to have plenty of rain. But we don't want too much of a good thing.


  1. Do you ever store the rain water for future use? If you decide to do the raised beds, having a container to catch some of this water might be useful. Some people do that in Southern California when we have rain because watering plants can get expensive.

    1. I don't have a rain barrel per se, but there is an upside down roof from an old dog house that gathers rain, and the dogs sometimes drink from there. So not all our rain goes into the ground. But most of it is hard at work watering the plants.

      We do have our own well, so our water is relatively inexpensive here. We only pay for the electricity that it takes to pump it into the house.