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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Many Faces of Bow

Sometimes Bow is very active. He is a young chimpanzee with lots of energy and he goes outsides and exercises and releases his pent up strength.

A picture of Bow outside this morning, being active
When Bow is feeling especially active, he sometimes engages the dogs in a game of chase. He can be so active that some of the best pictures of him taken when in this mood are kind of blurry. That's how active he is!

Bow vocalizing this morning

Then, when Bow has had his fill of activity, he calms down, and sits on his bench, and becomes very thoughtful.

Bow seeming thoughtful this morning

After he feels he has been outside enough, Bow asks to go inside. He asks for his rug. And he curls up for a nap.

Bow napping this morning after being outside
When he wakes from his nap, Bow is lazy, but affectionately playful.

Bow lightly grasping my hand with his toes this morning after a nap

When he wakes from a good nap, Bow has a happy smile on his face, and in no time at all he is ready to get up and be active again.

This cycle repeats itself many times each day. It is the normal way of life. When you see Bow active, it means he is having fun. When you see Bow napping, it means he is recharging for more fun. Bow has many, many different faces and moods. They are all equally a part of who he is.

Some readers remark on how daintily Bow eats or on how gentle he can be while grooming me, but are taken aback when they see a display or a vocalization. But all these behaviors are normal and natural for Bow, and it is precisely because he is not hampered in expressing his true nature that Bow can feel happy and secure. I think many little boys in America are a lot less free to show who they truly are than Bow is.


  1. I think boys should play and have fun when they are outside. The only thing that is not so much fun is seeing this behavior continue inside a store, and kids nearly mowing into adults who are shopping. I actually think that would happen less if parents let their kids play outside rather than keeping them inside all day.

    1. Julia,I agree. Of course, children should show respect for the boundaries of adults they meet in the store.

      There is also a difference between an indoor voice and an outdoor voice, and indoor and outdoor behavior. Bow is aware of that, and he knows how to behave in accordance with the circumstances.

      It is too bad children today spend so little time out of doors.

  2. The more I read about Bow the more I know I'd love to have someone just like him in my life.

    1. Thanks, Susan. He really is a pleasure to interact with, but it is a very big commitment.