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Friday, December 6, 2013

Bow Finds a New Way to Protest the Weather

It started snowing yesterday. By the evening this is how the front yard looked:

It wasn't really that much snow. You could see the fallen leaves on the ground. But it kept snowing throughout the night, and now it looks quite different. There is a soft white blanket of snow covering the ground and no more sign of the leaves.

You cannot even see the step down that you have to take from the front porch to the walkway. For that matter, you cannot see the walkway at all. It is just all an unbroken blanket of white.

In the outer pen, the bench is covered with snow and the grid has some snow enmeshed.

Bow's swing is also covered with snow.

I came back inside after taking these pictures and started gushing about how much snow there was. I glanced briefly at Bow and had to do a double take. His face was hidden by his play sport shirt. He was not  going to even look at the snow!

He was sitting there in the southwest corner of the inner pen, where the living room can be seen on one side and the backyard on the other. But he was not looking. He did not think there was anything good to see.

Only gradually, as I drew closer, did he start to uncover his face.

There's just not that much to do on a day like today, except curl up with a good book. I think maybe later I will read to Bow from The Corsair.

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