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Friday, December 27, 2013

What Can We Do to Save the Exotic Animals in Ohio?

So far, Bow and I have been lucky. Year after year they have tried to pass legislation that would make it impossible for us to stay together in this state, and year after year that legislation has been defeated. The people in the state of Ohio have not been so lucky. On January 1, 2014, a law goes into effect that will allow the state to confiscate exotic animals, seal them up in a high security prison, and if they find no sanctuary or zoo that wants them, these animals will be executed by the state.

The sanctuaries and zoos don't want them. They have already said that they are full to capacity.

There are many animals and their owners who are about to suffer this fate. Here is a video appeal that some of them have made to try to sway the public to spare them.

I have shared this video on Facebook and explained that these animals have been condemned to death because they are exotic and in Ohio. Many people said it was sad or even tragic. But nobody said: "I won't let this happen. I will stop it!" And as long as this is our attitude, nothing will stop it. 

Somebody did say, before this legislation was passed: "These people have exotic animals. That is terrible! I'm going to stop it!" And that someone got his way. Who was it? Why did they do it? Why are they so powerful? Why is everyone else so helpless?

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is behind the legislation in Ohio, as well as in every other state in which such a law is being pushed through. They think it is better for exotic animals to die than to be owned by the people who love them.

Do you support the HSUS?  What would you be willing to do to help these animals and the people who love them?


  1. I would only give money to my local animal shelters that actually help stray dogs and cats find homes. Now that I know the HSUS does not give money to local animal shelters, and sponsored legislation like above, I would not donate to them. My guess is people donating money to them thinking they were helping stray animals find a home, not leading to the extermination of poor exotic animals. Today I only donate locally to things I know actually do some good because it seems a lot of national donations might not go to things that are the best.

    1. Thanks, Julia. It is good to know that you will no longer be contributing to HSUS but only to local organizations that actually help animals find a home.