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Monday, December 9, 2013

Braving the Snow

Bow has wanted to go outside right from the start of the snowy weather, but something kept him from asking to go out until yesterday. Yesterday, he almost went out.  First, he told me he wanted to go outside, and then when I took him there and opened the door, he looked out on the snow for a good long moment.

The bench was covered in snow.

But the ledge and a small portion of the concrete right next to it were bare.

Nevertheless, Bow decided not to step out at all.

But that was yesterday. Today, Bow was much braver. He went out on the ledge, looked around, shook himself a couple of times, then opted to go back in.

Maybe tomorrow will be even better!


  1. My cat wanted to sit in the sun today, but it is not warm sun like usual with it being a cold day, so she was waiting at the door for us to let her back in.

    1. Yes, it seems warmer than it was, but it is still very cold here.