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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grooming Lawrence on a Cold but Beautiful Day

It started with the most gorgeous sunrise that I have ever seen. The pink sky surrounded us in the pens this morning. I could not help but notice, so I rushed outside to take a few pictures.

The sun was rising up through the barren trees in the woods behind our house.

The woods are due east of our house, so that's where the greatest amount of light was shining. But if you looked in the other directions, there were also some spectacular displays of color in the sky.

To the southeast the cloud formation was regal in its display of pink, yellow and purple.

Due south, the colors were more muted and less festive, but dignified in their splendor. See that giant twin cedar in the distance?

To the west it was still somewhat gloomy, and the bare limbs of the oaks reached out to one another with against a pinkish, blue sky.

In the northeast the clouds towered over the woods and the ribbon of our private road.

Today is a Thursday, and Lawrence was just here yesterday. But our generator needs to be repaired, because there is something wrong with its starter, so Lawrence volunteered to sit a while with Bow, as the repairman was in the backyard working on the starter. You can see how dreadfully cold it is by how bundled up the repairman is in this picture.

When I told Bow that Lawrence was coming, at first he remarked that it was the wrong day. But he was happy when Lawrence arrived and did not display at him at all. Since Lawrence had just been here yesterday, he had still not become a stranger. Stay away a whole week, though, and you get an extra long display!

Whenever we have a repair person over, Bow is usually a little excited and agitated. This time was no exception. Bow insisted on going outside to see how the repair job was progressing, and he was out there with no clothing, his teeth chattering, and yet he did not want to go in, and it was hard to persuade him. Bow was afraid he'd miss out on something. I brought out the red shirt to see if Bow would let Lawrence put it on him, but Bow refused. It was only when the repairman went back in for a moment that Lawrence was able to persuade Bow to go back in. After that, they stayed in, even though the repairman went back outside to work on the generator.

To warm up, they walked in circles for a while, and then Bow settled down to a serious grooming session with Lawrence. When Bow starts to groom someone, it could go on for hours. Bow is very intent on his task.

Eventually the repairman had to leave, and so did Lawrence. But Bow and Lawrence certainly had a nice time together this morning, on this cold, but beautiful day.


  1. I especially enjoyed the sunrise photos. We have some amazing sunrises here with the local mountains, but I would need to go a mile down the road to capture this properly, but I should one day. Sunsets always seem easier for me to catch because I am usually coming home from work.

    1. Thanks, Julia. The sunrise was especially ravishing this morning. These photos do not do it justice, especially since my camera cuts off the red hues.

      I like your photos of sunsets. I find sunsets are easier to capture, too, because the sun here sets across the road to the west in an obstructed view, whereas when it rises it has to peek through my woods.