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Monday, January 6, 2014

Just Say No!

It has been very cold. It snowed yesterday, and school was canceled for today.

I built a fire in the fireplace.

The snow did not seem all that uniformly high.

But there were drifts of snow that were quite deep.

This morning, even with the heat on, it seemed a little cold. When Bow asked for a shirt, I took him at his word and brought one out that I thought he might actually like to wear.

At first, I thought that he might like to put the shirt on himself. But when he just stared at me, I decided I would help him. Coaxing did not work. Pretty soon he had me chasing him around the pen. Then finally he took my hand and spelled לא. No is no. I accepted his answer and stopped pestering him.

It's a good thing we have language. There is no need to be coy. When someone makes you an offer of something that you do not want, you can just say no. It's amazing how well that works!

Bow later also told me that a guy does not wear clothes. דוד לא לובש בגדים. As a general rule, I might disagree. But this particular guy stopped wearing clothes the moment he got free run of the pens.

So in the end, Bow asked for his blanket, and he seems happy, even though it is cold and there is not much to do.


  1. At least they call school when there is a lot of snow. I remember one year in 1995 that the roads were absolutely dangerous, but the school district refused to call a snow day all because they wanted to reserve the snow days to have an extra week off in May. Well I think only 10% of the kids came to school that particular day, and even parents who were teachers did not send their kids to school. One teacher who was in favor of school on any day that is snows would shame us, and talk about how in 1969 they did not even have snow days. Well with severe car wrecks on our curvy roads with ice, and kids falling on the ice, he looked kind of silly. Plus, I think it taught the district a lesson about not being so gung ho when it came to not calling snow days since they lost more money with people pulling their kids out of school, rather than just using their allotted snow day.

    1. Yes, it is good that they did call school off this time, because the weather is quite severe. When I went to school one year in Michigan, I don't recall that there were any snow days off, though it snowed often and the streets were icy, and also I had to walk to school as there was no bus.

    2. Well in the San Bernardino Mountains snow is not just snow, it is treacherous because we have exceedingly windy roads, and some of these gain thousand feet in elevation in less than a mile. There are only a couple of schools on the mountain for elementary kids, and this means some kids would have to walk ten miles, so their parents usually drive them, or they take the bus. I was on a bus that nearly went off the side of a windy road during a snow storm, and the roads were deemed so treacherous between my house and the local junior high, that we had to walk two miles from the bus stop, to get a bus about five miles from school. We do not get persistent snow like in the midwest, but when it does snow, it can be a life and death situation. People have been injured and died driving in these conditions, so that one day when they called school, I think parents decided not to put their kids at risk.

    3. Well, I am glad the parents in the San Bernardino Mountains were independent enough to make the decision to keep the children home when it was not safe for them to go to school, regardless of what the authorities said.