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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No to the Wood

I did not forget about gradually getting Bow used to having a piece of wood to work on and cut down into smaller pieces. However, so far all attempts have failed, as Bow has not even wanted to go out and try playing with the wood.

Notice in this video from yesterday that Bow shook his head to indicate that no he did not want to break the wood. That was in the morning.

For lunch, Bow had a nice salad with a flour tortilla and cream cheese made from sour cream. You can read all about it and see Bow enjoying his salad on The Feast Before Us.

A second attempt in the afternoon to get Bow to play with the piece of wood was also unsuccessful. Brownie was chewing on a board he found in the yard. But Bow would not set foot out, eve though the piece of wood was on the floor and not the bench. It's possible that it is just too cold out to play right now.

Lawrence will be here this afternoon to stay with Bow, and the wood is still out there in the outer pen. Maybe Lawrence will have greater success in coaxing Bow to play with it.

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