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Friday, November 28, 2014

A Fine Feast

Bow loves Thanksgiving, and he knows when it is coming. He sees the guests arriving, and he sees the culinary preparations, and he knows. This year we had Grandma and Bow's cousin, as well as my daughter and myself and Bow, which is plenty of a crowd for the inner pen.

While my mother worked in the kitchen, and the cousins played video games, Bow watched me set up the long serving table and pile it with the desserts and the extra stuffing.

Though Bow and I like pumpkin pie, by popular demand we only had cheesecake and poppy seed cake this year.

Though Bow was interested in the table and the food already on it, he was aware that all the important action was going on in the house, and he often gestured at the door to the living room to draw my attention.

My mother did a great job with the turkey and all the fixings. In no time at all, Bow was enjoying a drumstick of his own.

And he really enjoyed the sparkling cranberry juice!

 Down to the last drop!

These days, Bow is not as endearing to the guests, in terms of polite chit-chat. He is just concerned with keeping things on schedule, including each course of the meal, and even the cleanup. He enforces his own bedtime, too!

It was a very fine feast and a happy Thanksgiving Day for all.


  1. I'm with Bow - I prefer the drumstick too! And pumpkin pie is my favorite holiday desert, with lots of whipped cream, of course. You Mom cooks a beautiful turkey, Aya!
    I am confused about "Bow's cousin" though. Did another chimpanzee come to visit?

    1. Hi, Kathy. Bow's cousin is my nephew, Dagon. He's the son of Bow's uncle who always sends Bow fruit baskets on his birthday.

  2. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your Thanksgiving feast.