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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Watching the Snow Melt

It snowed on Sunday. Not a very big snow, but enough to give the ground a bit of white cover.

In the outer pen, the bench was covered with snow.

The next day, there was still snow on the ground, but people went about their business. The school bus came by for my daughter. The sun came out from the clouds.

All this while, Bow did not ask to go outside. He was content in the warmth of the inner pen.

Today as I went for my walk in the pasture, I noticed that most of the snow had already melted.

There was more of it left in the shade and less in the sunlight. When I got back from my walk, Bow asked to go outside.

It was still pretty cold out, and Brownie complained, but Bow was undaunted. He laid himself down on the rim of the bench and surveyed the yard.

He stayed there a good twenty minutes before he asked to go back in.


  1. I too enjoy a short walk outside when it is chilly. Brrr...nice to get inside again.

    1. Yes, it can be refreshing, but it's nice to go back inside!

  2. I like the picture of the ever green trees next to the walking path.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I liked that picture, too. The shady part of the snow is actually blue, I noticed, and I was thinking how much fun it would be to do a painting of that, knowing that the shadow on the snow is blue.

  3. I know Bow does not like the rain, but does he feel the same way about the snow?
    A question I've been meaning to ask you...I notice that Bow tilts his head down a lot when he's looking at things. Do chimps not have peripheral vision like adults do, or is his nose just in his way. I guess that's one we don't have to deal with since our noses aren't that large.
    And yes, that snow in the shade is a beautiful shade of blue!

    1. Hi, Kathy. That's a good question. Bow does not like snow, because it's cold and wet, but he does not get upset when it snows. That's because snowfall does not make a lot of noise, like thunder.

      I think Bow's peripheral vision is fine. He just likes to focus on things he is interested in. He is amazingly capable of devoting a lot of time to contemplating a single thing, even though he also can scatter his attention when need be.