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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Weather Raccoon and News about Bow's Calendar

It's so cold out today that water actually freezes. I have seen it with my own eyes. Bow is staying indoors, engaged in proofing and other more scholarly activities.

 Yesterday, while Lawrence was with Bow, I saw a raccoon in the middle of my internal road and stopped to take a picture.

From a distance, I thought maybe it was a cat, but then I realized it could not be, because of its gait. It has hands rather than paws, and that shows by the way it walks. Then I thought, it's a monkey. But that couldn't be right.

For a moment it paused and looked at me, and it seemed very confused about how to classify me, too. But then it decided it was not staying for a closer look.

By the time I was close enough to get a really good view, the only thing left to see was the tail.

Raccoons are nocturnal. What brought this one out in the daytime? Could it have been confused about the end of Daylight Saving Time? Or was it the unexpected cold that brought it out?

In other news, the proof of Bow's calendar arrived in yesterday's mail.

 After extensive proofing, Bow discovered a typo.

The place where Bow's birthday was marked had the word "Birthday" spelled as "Nirthday". Now why couldn't I see that online?

 It looks as if they made Bow's birthday a National Holiday for 2015. Should I keep the "President's Day" label under the birthday cake, or should I just write: "Bow's Birthday: National Holiday"?

Back to the drawing board for us. I'll have to correct it and order another proof. Hope you haven't ordered your calendar yet!


  1. Very odd to see a raccoon out in the middle of the day. Not likely that it's a very young one either, as most stay with their parents for several months, and I'm sure the parents would not have exposed their kid like this in mid day. Either it's very hungry and decided the risk was worth it, or it is sick, maybe even with rabies. I avoid any raccoons that I see in the daytime due to that being a very abnormal behavior for them and likely caused by being sick.
    Very cool & interesting that Bow found the typo!

    1. Hi, Kathy, yes, you are probably right about the raccoon. Both Lawrence and my friend Jerilee said the same. But.. I have not seen it again, and hopefully it was just very hungry.