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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Bird in the Hand

So it's back to our normal routine.

Bow takes my pinkie and he spells out what he wants.

What he wants is often predictable, like asking for his blanket.

He wants his blanket so he can take a nap. No major headlines here. Just routine.

At other times, we go outside, where very unexpected things can happen. For instance, this morning there was a tiny bird inside the outer pen. I do not know how it managed to get in there.

Bow interacting with the bird
Bow just wanted to shoo it away. He does not like having intruders. But when the bird would not leave, he became determined to catch it. And catch it he did.

I'm sorry. I didn't get any pictures of that part. I was just too worried about the bird. Bow had it held, scrunched up in the palm of his hand, and the little bird's chest was heaving so fast, I was afraid it was going to have a heart attack.

"Bow, let Mommy have the bird," I told him.

Reluctantly, he handed it to me. I was afraid it might have been injured, but I think it was just so frightened that it remained in my hand without putting up a fight. I  released it into an area that is between the outer pen and the inner pen, and eventually it flew out somehow. It was a tiny bird, and I think that it could actually squeeze through the grid holes.

I later told Bow thank you for letting me save the bird, because I did not want it to die,  and he spelled "That's good,"    זה טוב.

I don't think Bow wanted the bird to die, either, He just did not want it flying in his space. Now he is peacefully napping again.


  1. It was probably scary for Bow having an unexpected bird fly into his space. He would have hurt the bird if he did not care, but I think he did not want to.

    1. Well, he did end up hurting it somewhat when it turned out it was still there, but he still gave it to me, and I was able to release it with an injured wing, but otherwise okay. (That's in the next post.)