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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bird Update

I spoke too hastily about the bird. Bow can see things that I cannot see, so whereas I believed the bird had flown off, I think he knew all along that it had merely hidden. So when he went back outside later this morning, the bird was still there, and he knew exactly where it was, and caught it again, and was rough with it. He did release it to me once more when I asked him to, and I took it immediately into the house to save it from Bow. Because, let's face it, Bow is not kind to smaller animals.

In the house, the bird got to feeling more secure, so it got away from me before I could release it, but I could see that one wing was injured and it could not fly.

I eventually cornered it in the bathroom and released it in the front yard.

I know that its chances of surviving out there with an injured wing are not wonderful, but it has a  better chance out there than in the house. It does seem to be healthy otherwise, and the problem may mend itself, given a little time. There is plenty of food on the ground for a small bird to eat out there, so it is just a question of avoiding predators.

As for Bow, he is quite blasé about the whole thing. Napping again.


  1. Carolina chickadee - too bad about the poor thing. Sometimes, they don't make the wisest choices, do they?

  2. Shoot, sorry, meant to say, "Carolina wren", but I had already hit 'publish' when I saw the mistake. :-(

    1. Thanks for the identification, Kathy. It is such a small bird, but I still don't know how or why it squeezed itself into the pen.