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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Compliment

Today is a good day. Don't ask. It just is!

It is warm and sunny, but not too hot. Bow spent a lot of time playing with Leo in the outer pen this morning.

Here is Bow starting his display. And below Leo responds eagerly.

Here are Leo and Bow bouncing up and down together.

But even when Bow has his feet firmly back on the ground, Leo lingers in midair.

Then, little by little they calm down, and the exercise is over.

After a period of calm, just for good measure, another less strenuous exercise session begins.

And that's just part of the morning. I mowed the backyard again. It is easier, now that it's not neglected. Ordinary work on an ordinary day. But there was a song in my heart, because someone had paid me a compliment.  A professional compliment on my achievements with Bow. And I'm not going to repeat it, but my heart was glad when after lunch, I went out to film the butterflies.

I was going for another view of one of those tiny little white-underneath-blue-on-top butterflies, and I sat down on the gravel of my internal road to film the butterfly in the grass. But another butterfly was clamoring for my attention, and it settled on my bare leg.

Talk about a self-selecting butterfly!

"Don't look at that other tiny, pale butterfly!" It seemed to be saying. "Look at me! I'm gorgeous." But then it flew away, and as I got up to my feet, I noticed that there was a butterfly on my shoe!

And then another butterfly came by and now there were two!

And then one of them spread itself out, so I could see just how beautiful it was.

When you have been spending your entire life chasing butterflies that eluded you, it is a real morale boost to have the butterflies finally come to you!


  1. Off topic, but I like those shoes.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I like them, too, but they are kind of old. I still use them but they have seen better days.

  2. Pearl crescents! Congratulations on whatever the compliment was - it's so nice to get recognition from people whom we respect. 5"+ of rain last night & this morning! WOW!

    1. Yes, I just looked that up this morning: pearl crescents, they are. And recognition from people we respect is the best!

      As for the rain, Bow and I are a little tired of it. The thunder woke him in the middle of the night, and the flash flood warning is what woke me!