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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bow Corrects My Errors

Bow has a very clear sense of order -- a sense of how things should be. For instance, though the pen system uses an iron grid to keep us enclosed and safe from intruders, the pens also have their own heat and air, and there are glass doors that keep the air in the rest of the house and the air from the outdoors from coming into the inner pens. The other day, I left one of the glass doors, the one that leads to the house open. Bow pointed toward the door, but I though he was just pointing to the front yard, as he sometimes does when he wants me to go for a walk, But when I asked him to clarify, he spelled: "סגרי את הדלת" -- "Close the door!"

Yesterday, I decided to do some more work on the painting in progress of the Liberian chimpanzees. Bow lay on his blanket while I worked. I am having trouble with the lower jaw of the chimp on the left. I cannot seem to get it quite right. When Bow saw that I had paused in my work, he asked to see it.

Bow looked at the painting for a moment, and then set to work licking the parts that needed a re-do,

I was not upset. The painting actually looked better after he had smudged out the offending part.

I'll try to do better next time. With an art critic like Bow in the house, my painting is bound to improve.


  1. I like the painting thus far. This week when I was drawing the outline sketch for Irina the ear kept bothering me, but I finally gave up because the reference photograph did not show as much crisp detailed as I would have liked. Next time I will just use a better reference photograph.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Your drawing of Irina looks very crisp and clear. I like it. My paintings tend to have a bit of a blurry feel to them, as I struggle with the relationships of the features to each other.