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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bow the Art Critic

Day and evening, morning and noon, Bow and I are together. The lighting changes, our activities vary, but we are almost always together, even when we are doing different things.

This morning, Bow was outside when I was adding some more little touches to the painting of the Liberian chimpanzees. When Bow came back in, he went to the glass and looked at the painting in its current stage. Then he took my hand hand and spelled: שמתי לב שזאת ילדה "I noticed that it's a girl."

"The one on the right?" I asked him.? האחת מימין

He answered: כן. באמת יפה    "Yes, really pretty."

I will take this as a mark of approval!

Bow can be a harsh critic at times, so this means a lot to me.


  1. I actually really like the painting, Aya. I look forward to interviewing you about it on examiner once it is complete.

    1. Thanks, Julia. It is almost done. I look forward to being interviewed about it on your site.

  2. Would you prefer we do the interview on my site rather than examiner? Let me know.