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Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Did that Butterfly go?

I am almost never alone now. When not with Bow, I am either accompanied by the kitten or surrounded by the dogs. This makes chasing butterflies a little difficult.

Bow oversees all backyard activities
When in the backyard, I am supervised by Bow in all my activities.  For Bow,  it's not always what he can touch -- sometimes just seeing is good enough. While Brownie and Leo can come in close and physically interfere in what I am doing, Bow can make vocal commentary, which can sometimes have a similar effect.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a red-spotted purple butterfly in the backyard.

 But coming in closer for a better look was a challenge.

First the dogs had to come in closer, and later Bow had his say, which was distracting, so that I lost sight of the butterfly.

Eventually I found it again, but the situation was less than ideal. It isn't much better on the other side of that eight foot fence, though. In the front yard, after a rain, the butterflies like to warm themselves on the outer road. That's where Nala the kitten comes in.

Nala looks innocent while a Pearl Crescent flies right over her

Nala will innocently plop down on the warm gravel road and start rolling around, placing herself right in the path of an oncoming pearl crescent.

The butterfly flies right over her and she hardly notices.

Sometimes Nala does seem to be interested in the butterflies, but the method that works best is not when she chases them, but when she lies still.

Can you see the butterfly hovering right over Nala's right eye?
Only rarely can I capture a picture of a Pearl Crescent sans kitten.

It is easier to get closer to the butterflies if there is not also a cat or dog or chimpanzees in the vicinity directing all activities.

And the obeservation of a Monarch that chooses our side of the fence over the neighbors is much easier without the presence of a cat critic.

Bow's outings are important.

But so are mine.

And sometimes the views that give us the greatest peace of mind are not those closest to hand.  It's not always what you can touch -- sometimes just seeing is good enough.

The wide open spaces that I don't own can give me the most perspective.


  1. The last picture wit the yellow flowers and blue sky and clouds are amazing. It looks like you are having the same type of cloud formations we have been having. We finally got some rain yesterday, for an hour. It dried up about an hour after that.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I like that picture, too! Yes, I noticed the clouds in some of your recent photos are similar, I am glad you finally got some rain, however brief the downpour.