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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bow's Catalog Has Arrived in the Mail

It's the Christmas season now. You can tell because the tree is up,  because Christmas songs are playing and because, today, in our local mail, Bow received a catalog addressed exclusively to him.

Bow enjoys skimming through the catalog every year, but he never orders anything.

Bow receives the catalog because of the gifts from Harry & David that his uncle sends him each year. Harry & David are hoping that they can entice Bow to order something on his own. But Bow is impervious to advertising, though he does like the catalog.

For the time being, it is just fun to skim.


  1. I think major businesses probably take names out of directories and off the Internet, just to send stuff out. Another weird thing is I get mail addressed to my dad where I live, and they do not live with me.

    1. Hi, Julia, I think that is true, but in Bow's case, he's not in any directory or on the internet. There is only one possible reason they have his name and address -- they think he is a customer, because he receives gift packages from them,

      It is strange about your father receiving mail addressed to him where you live, if he has never lived there.

  2. The mailing lists are a dodo. I have heard of other people receiving catalogues for relatives who have never lived with them.

    1. I wonder how that happens. How would they even know that you are related? I mean, unless they looked at government records.