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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Full Moon on Christmas Morn

Last night I heard the moon was going to be full, so I went outside to look, but the sky was full of clouds. I could not see it. This morning, just in time for Christmas, I spotted that full moon through the lattice work of my front door.

That was so convenient! I did not even need to step outside to see it, However, when I did step outside, the vision was not nearly as clear. But it was beautiful none-the-less.

It was nice of the moon to align itself with my front door so conveniently, bright and early on Christmas morning. Otherwise, I would surely have missed it.

Under the Christmas tree there were plenty of presents for all in the household. Bow asked to open his big present right after breakfast.

While he enjoyed the process of unwrapping his new blanket, the actual blanket was of no interest to him.

 He immediately asked for some fruit. So I started opening the big gift from his uncle via Harry  & David.

It was two boxes of pears.

There is nothing like a Christmas pear!

Bow took deep satisfaction in every bite.

After he had finished the pear, Bow asked for his Christmas cookies.

This time, Bow got a gingerbread man from the platter his friend had brought by.

Only after finishing the cookies did Bow finally decide to lie down on his new blanket. Sometimes there is just too much, and it takes time to appreciate each gift in turn.

Bow and I hope you are enjoying the full moon Christmas, too.


  1. Sounds like Bow had a wonderful Christmas, Aya! Is your Mom in to visit? Love the color of his new blanket. I too went outside last night to see the full moon, but was disappointed with all the clouds. Definitely did NOT get up early to try to see it though. Merry Christmas to you, Bow and Sword! I bet you have lots of goodies on the menu today. ;-)

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Kathy! No, my mother makes a point of staying home on Christmas. She has a friend visiting her now. We are lucky to see her every year for Thanksgiving, though. Hope you and yours have a wonderful day today!

  2. That is quite a succulent looking pear. I was happy being able to spend Christmas up at my parent's house because they have large picture windows, and like you I can see the moon and the mountains if I do not want to go outside. Usually I have to walk a mile from my house to get an unobstructed view of anything.

    1. I am glad you got to spend time up in the mountains at your parents' house for Christmas. It looks beautiful up there, from the pictures you took.