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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Book Season at Project Bow

This is the season for books here in the pens. I just finished writing a new one, and now the involved process of editing begins.

I am never far from Bow, but when he is napping in the inner pen, I can still edit while staying close to hand.

When Bow wakes up, he takes a more active role in the editing process.

Notice how very aware Bow is of everything that is going on. Before I start reading, he is looking directly at the camera, which he knows is there.

Bow looking at the camera before I sit down to read
However, as soon as I start reading, he gives me and the text his full attention.  And when I am done with the page, he wants to do some editing himself.

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Or you could go straight to the my author page.  Remember, this would reward both me and Bow for the work we have done. Behind the author are all the people who have helped her, and Bow is at the top of my list.


  1. I enjoy watching the process of Bow helping edit the novels. I think someone listening while you read aloud is another useful tool for catching errors.

    1. Thanks, Julia. It certainly helps to have someone to read it to. Bow is a great listener.

  2. Bow IS a great listener! He is so attentive. So, not only is he learning / reinforcing his language skills, he is learning about some history!

    1. Yes, Kathy, some history must be seeping in, too. I can't vouch for how much of the historical context Bow is getting, but I do think he listens for the character's feelings and interplay between people.