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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow on Wednesday

The forecast said "Snow on Wednesday", but I did not realize this would be waiting for me when I got up this morning!

Just outside the sliding glass door to my bedroom, a winter wonderland awaited.

And the snow at the front was almost as inviting.

I drove my daughter to a friend's house for a sleepover after school yesterday, so she is getting to spend her snow day off from school over there. It's just me and Bow and the dogs and the birds. Bow asked to go outside, but he soon thought better of it.

He was all cheerful and playful on his way down the corridor to the airlock, but he drew the line at crossing the threshold into the outer pen.

Once safely back indoors, Bow cheerfully engaged me in a few leisurely games of chase, which are a good way to stay warm while both exercising and socializing.

It's quite possible that all this snow will melt by evening, but just in case we are snowed in we are covered, as I went and bought groceries last night. I almost did not hear the cashier calling me to let me know another register was opening, so absorbed was I by the new issue of TIME I picked up while waiting in line -- with all the latest news about Alexander Hamilton.

They lured me in with the promise of an exposé on his "tragic fate." I was hoping for candid pictures of Burr.Instead Burr was smeared as a "secessionist", and Hamilton's vision for America was praised.  "America has grown into the country that Hamilton envisioned." 

 Here is my opinion of Hamilton's vision for America:

Anyway, while at the grocery store, I stocked up on food as well as reading material. We will not starve due to the snow.

For dessert for lunch today, we had this cake I baked last night using my own homemade dough with cherry jam. My daughter hates anything with a cherry flavor, but somebody gave us this cherry jam a while back. And I decided to use the jam while she is at the sleepover with a friend to make a cold weather treat for Bow and me.

A lot of people conflate creative efforts and personal labor -- whether in the kitchen or in other endeavors -- with wealth creation.

I would like to think that I created "wealth" by using the flour and the butter and milk and shortening and baking powder and the jam and baking them all together to make something new. It certainly would have cost more if I had bought a cake or pie ready-made at the store.

Bow and I  did enjoy having it for dessert!

But when all is said and done, I'm afraid that baking something and then eating it ourselves is just plain consumption and not wealth creation at all.  Only if I had managed to sell the cake to somebody else would it count as wealth creation. But that in itself is a small mercy, as it also means this particular transaction between me and Bow will never get taxed! We can eat our cake and not give a single crumb of it to the government.

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