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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bow Watches Nim

So, apparently, there's a new movie out about Nim Chimpsky. I myself have not seen it. This sort of thing does not play in our local theatre. But those who have seen it say it is quite shocking. Bow and I, stuck together in our pens, have watched the trailer several times. The first time he watched it, Bow was transfixed, and he stayed perfectly still.

The second time he watched it, he said it was stupid. Lawrence asked him: "Well, what did you think of that video?" Bow replied: "I think it is stupid."

Today, I brought the laptop into the pen for Bow to watch the video embedded in my PubWages editorial. Here is a video of what happened:

As you can see, Bow can be trusted with a laptop under close supervision. But he has his own way of using the equipment.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moodiness in Adolescent Chimpanzees

Bow is nine years old and counting. Sometimes he is very good and sometimes he is naughty, but lately there's been something else going on. He is moody. He is irritable. He gets upset over absolutely nothing. The other day, I asked him what he wanted to eat first. He said "I want a banana." I went and got him a banana. He became very angry and frustrated and bared his teeth at me and snarled aggressively and vocalized in a high pitched voice. "What's the matter?" I asked. He finally calmed down enough after a few more seconds and took my hand and spelled out on the glass: "No, not a banana! An apple!" Well, I ask you, is that any reason to chew me out? Because he changed his mind?

There have been lots of little incidents like this lately. But this morning he was nice and told me he wanted to sit outside. "Do you want to sit outside alone?" I asked. "No. With Mommy." I asked him if it would be okay if I brought my computer along, and he said yes. So here we sit. The insects are chirping. The swimming pool is filling up, and Bow and I are relaxing. All is right with the world.