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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Full Moon on Christmas Morn

Last night I heard the moon was going to be full, so I went outside to look, but the sky was full of clouds. I could not see it. This morning, just in time for Christmas, I spotted that full moon through the lattice work of my front door.

That was so convenient! I did not even need to step outside to see it, However, when I did step outside, the vision was not nearly as clear. But it was beautiful none-the-less.

It was nice of the moon to align itself with my front door so conveniently, bright and early on Christmas morning. Otherwise, I would surely have missed it.

Under the Christmas tree there were plenty of presents for all in the household. Bow asked to open his big present right after breakfast.

While he enjoyed the process of unwrapping his new blanket, the actual blanket was of no interest to him.

 He immediately asked for some fruit. So I started opening the big gift from his uncle via Harry  & David.

It was two boxes of pears.

There is nothing like a Christmas pear!

Bow took deep satisfaction in every bite.

After he had finished the pear, Bow asked for his Christmas cookies.

This time, Bow got a gingerbread man from the platter his friend had brought by.

Only after finishing the cookies did Bow finally decide to lie down on his new blanket. Sometimes there is just too much, and it takes time to appreciate each gift in turn.

Bow and I hope you are enjoying the full moon Christmas, too.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bow's Friends

Most of us tend to have friends who are people we happen to have met along life's path and who keep in touch with us. Bow has many friends, too, that he has met over the years and with whom he has established relationships.

This year, for instance, Bow has two women friends that he looks forward to seeing once a week, each of them on a different day, who deliver food to us. He knows when each of them is expected, and he waits, and when they come, he has a somewhat different, but similar routine of greeting each of them and interacting. In the case of the one lady, he always hides at first, then shyly comes out to greet her. In the case of the other, he likes to do warm ups before jumping a great distance toward the front door of the pen. Each of these friends is very patient with Bow and allows him to take his time to warm up to them anew, which is one of the reasons he likes them. They accept him for who he is. They don't expect him to conform to any preconceived notion as to what is a socially appropriate way of greeting people.

This year, one of the ladies gave him a picture of herself and her family before Christmas break. The other brought us a platter of Christmas cookies. Bow was actually more interested in interacting with her in the usual way, rather than looking at the cookies, when  she came over yesterday. But he did have one of the cookies she brought for dessert last night at dinner.

It gets really dark very early in the evening at this time of year, and despite all the lights we have on in the pens, the video and pictures of Bow's Christmas tree cookie are kind of dim.

It is nice to have friends. Bow appreciates his friends and looks forward to their visits. No matter how isolated we may seem to be, there are always opportunities to meet new people and make friends.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Book Season at Project Bow

This is the season for books here in the pens. I just finished writing a new one, and now the involved process of editing begins.

I am never far from Bow, but when he is napping in the inner pen, I can still edit while staying close to hand.

When Bow wakes up, he takes a more active role in the editing process.

Notice how very aware Bow is of everything that is going on. Before I start reading, he is looking directly at the camera, which he knows is there.

Bow looking at the camera before I sit down to read
However, as soon as I start reading, he gives me and the text his full attention.  And when I am done with the page, he wants to do some editing himself.

My Amazon author page

For many people, this is Christmas shopping season. If you have a child on your list please consider one of my books for children. Here are some reviews:

Or you could go straight to the my author page.  Remember, this would reward both me and Bow for the work we have done. Behind the author are all the people who have helped her, and Bow is at the top of my list.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bow's Catalog Has Arrived in the Mail

It's the Christmas season now. You can tell because the tree is up,  because Christmas songs are playing and because, today, in our local mail, Bow received a catalog addressed exclusively to him.

Bow enjoys skimming through the catalog every year, but he never orders anything.

Bow receives the catalog because of the gifts from Harry & David that his uncle sends him each year. Harry & David are hoping that they can entice Bow to order something on his own. But Bow is impervious to advertising, though he does like the catalog.

For the time being, it is just fun to skim.