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Saturday, September 7, 2013

We Are Still Here

This is just a little note to let my loyal readers on Notes from the Pens know that we are still here. We have not gone away. Bow and I still continue with our daily routines, and I still write about some of the things that happen, but for financial reasons, I do most of my writing on a site that actually pays me to write.

There has been a financial upheaval in the online writing world. Amazon has closed its affiliate program to Missouri associates. This means that all the Amazon sales that used to come in November and December are a thing of the past. This year, there will be no Christmas sales for us. At the same time, Google has made it almost impossible for new readers to discover my blogs, so Adsense is also not a viable source of income. Unless someone already knows about Notes from the Pens and has subscribed, then they are unlikely to find out about Bow and me just by searching the internet.

So I have started writing on Bubblews, a site that pays generously for participation, is not subject to a Google slap, but unfortunately does crash very frequently. Their business model is intriguing, and they remind me of Wozniak and Jobs in the good old days. So I am indulgent of their growing pains, and I don't mind that they are not entirely stable, as long as they continue to pay. I am taking this opportunity, when the site is down, to let you know that is where you will find me most of the time.

Here is a link, which will probably not work just now, but will be helpful once they get their jury-rigged equipment back in gear:

I will still be posting here, from time to time, but until I see some revenue flowing to us from this blog, my first priority is to keep Bow fed. And if you want to read about what he ate today, you can try both The Feast Before Us and my blog at Bubblews.