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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Visit from Grandma

My mother is visiting here this week, and Bow is enjoying the time with his Grandma. She brought him a gift, consisting of crackers from Israel, dried figs, assorted nuts and peanuts. When Bow asks for one of these treats he spells out "מתנה מסבתא" or "gift from Grandma." Even though he knows the names of the individual treats, he refers to them collectively that way.

Bow likes to talk with my mother, to look deeply into her eyes, to make faces at one another and to chase.

When they are done chasing for a while, Bow settles down for another session of face to face communing.

Bow likes to look at my mother's house shoes, and he is fascinated by everything she has, including her watch, which she showed him. Sometimes my mother and I start to talk about other things, and then Bow listens, and when I ask him if he has anything more to say, he spells:
תני לסבתא לשחק
"Let Grandma play."
And then they play some more.

Bow has had many people in his life over the years. He remembers them all. But there is a core of closer people who keep coming back, year in, year out. Those are the people that Bow can trust. They are family. 


  1. I love that first photograph of Bow, and really think it would look great on a Zazzle shop. Have you ever started a shop to promote project Bow?

    1. Thanks, Julia. I like that photo, too. I have not yet started a Project Bow Zazzle shop, but it sounds like a good idea.