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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bow by Candlelight

It's been a very cloudy day. Lawrence is away for two weeks on vacation, so even though it's a Wednesday and my birthday, I'm here in the pens as usual.  In the afternoon, I saw some beautiful pink flowers on my walk.

They have burst forth suddenly all over our pasture, but I don't know what they are called. A little later, some roses arrived for me by FTD. The delivery man could not get his van into my driveway, so he had to walk down the long internal road on my property to bring them to my front door.

About then, we had one of those unexpected power outages. Because it has been cloudy all day, it became very dark in the inner pens without artificial light. I didn't know how long the outage would last, so I lit some candles, in case we would have to endure long in the dark.

Bow does not like fire, so when I brought one of the candles into the pen, he immediately tried to blow it out.

I tried to move the candle further away, but eventually Bow succeeded in blowing it out. The power came back on soon thereafter.

I think Bow looks nice by candlelight. He is a chimpanzee for every era. He knows how to turn off a power switch, but he also can blow out a candle, if necessary.

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