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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Turtles for Posterity

Today was my day off, and after running errands, my daughter and I found we had time for a walk on the property. I went without my camera, and when we saw wildlife, I did not take a picture. We saw a rabbit behind the house, and on our return there was a magnificent red-faced turtle on the ledge of the rock garden by the front porch.

The turtle had its neck stretched forward and its arms and legs out, and it seemed to be very relaxed. I wanted to go get my camera. But Sword said: "Couldn't we just look and not take a picture?"

It's true that I have trouble just being in the moment. When you're taking a picture, you are not completely there. You are too busy to fully see. So I restrained myself, and she went over to the turtle and patted it lightly on its back, and the turtle didn't even blink. Okay, maybe it blinked, but its head stayed out.

It was an amazing moment. Just us and the turtle. And of course, as soon as Sword went back into the house, I rushed in to get my camera. I can't help it! It's a compulsion. I had to get a picture of the turtle. And you know what? The turtle waited patiently till I got back!

By then, there was a commotion in the backyard. The dogs were barking, and Bow was vocalizing, and still the turtle seemed very calm and let me take its picture and film it.

Why was that red-faced turtle there? Was it because of the mosquitoes that are swarming here after the rain?

Was it for the big, black ants that kept speeding past it on the ledge? The ants seemed much faster than the turtle. How would he ever catch them?

Eventually, the turtle decided to climb down off the ledge.

I went to the back yard to see what Lawrence, Bow and the dogs were up to.

Bow was very calm, but the dogs were quite active.

Are you the sort of person who enjoys the passing moment? Or do you have to record everything? Bow is the type who just lets things happen. As for me, I like to record turtles for posterity.


  1. I enjoy the passing moment more than anything, but I do find myself regretting that I don't record more. When I do take record moments, I tend to take to long, or so I've been told, so I am working on being faster with my photography. (I'm really glad you went back to get your camera!)

    1. If the turtle had not cooperated, I am sure I would have been too slow. It is a never-ending dilemma, to record or just to enjoy. I think people who spend less time recording may enjoy more, but they also forget more. Recording things helps to etch them into our memory.

  2. I have a hard time not photographing things that catch my eye. But one day I went on a walk and forgot my memory card, so I just walked and looked at things. It helped me think about things I could photograph the next time around.

    1. It helps to sometimes step back and not record everything, But it is hard to refrain!