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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lawrence was here yesterday, and he tried to encourage Bow to use the touchscreen. Bow was less "destructive" of the virtual screen, only reducing the keyboard in size a couple of times, but not closing the program. He didn't say much, though.

Once, he said "it." Lawrence wanted to  know: "It, what?" Bow hit a few random letters and numbers, and then a little later he spelled: "Take." When Lawrence asked him what he meant by that, Bow gestured at the computer, and then at the door to the pen.

"You want me to take it out?" Lawrence asked. "You want me to take the computer out?" Bow seemed to sanction that interpretation, so Lawrence acquiesced and took out the computer. Which means that now Bow is using the touchscreen to tell us that he doesn't want to use the touchscreen. How's that for progress?

Meanwhile, on a related topic, Simone at Hubpages has notified me that my "developmental delay" hub has been nominated for a contest. If you would like to go read it and vote, here is the link:


  1. I now realise that in my earlier comments I confused the virtual touch-screen with the real one. I, then, always referred to the real one!

    Now, how did you conclude that Bow "sanctioned" (a term you use), Lawrence's interpretation of what Bow meant?