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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bow's Ninth Birthday

Today was Bow's birthday. He is nine years old. He had a party, and balloons, and cake, and presents and guests. It was his choice. I actually wasn't sure whether he wanted to have a party this year. He isn't always that happy when people come over, and he isn't always that nice to guests, so I hesitated. Both Lawrence and I asked him specfically whether he wanted a party, each separately. Bow said he did want a party. He even told me that he wanted presents.

Yesterday afternoon, Bow made specific suggestions for who the guests should be. He had some particular people in mind.  Nothing was settled well in advance, but it was definitely the party that Bow wanted.

He was very excited all day long. He could not wait till the party would start. It was scheduled for three pm. He wanted it to start earlier, and he was impatient, but he waited. When the time arrived, and we had our quorum of two adults, three children, and two teenagers, he was so excited and sang along with the birthday song. However, when an additional guest arrived late, after the cake had been served, and some of the presents distributed, he was not as cordial to the new arrival, making territorial displays. When attending a chimpanzee birthday party, punctuality is a must!

Bow had a great day, but he hasn't opened all his presents yet. He usually draws that out over several days. He certainly enjoyed his balloon, though!


  1. Bow sounds like my dad at Christmas years ago. He refused to open all his presents right away, and then would sometimes not open all of them until a month later. Happy Birthday Bow!

  2. Jewel and the Sun, that's amazing! Until you mentioned your dad just now, I had never heard of anyone besides Bow who did that. He just opened one more present this morning. It's a kind of pillow/stuffed dog, and he's napping on it.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bow! Sorry I'm late, I've been catching up on my favorite blogs. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'm so happy!

  4. Thanks, Victoria! I'll tell Bow.

    1. Stop treating Bow as if he were human! What do you mean by saying you will tell Bow? Tell him what? That Victoria, whom he apparently knows nothing about, said she was happy?

      Did you tell him that, and how did he react?

    2. When, and how,did you ever teach Bow what a party is? What a birthday is? What a birthday party is???