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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raindrops and Brown Paper Packages: Bow's not so favorite things

Someone recently asked me what Bow and Lawrence talk about. They talk about whatever comes up. Yesterday, as Lawrence was coming back from lunch, a brown package was delivered by UPS to our doorstep. It was heavy, like a book. Lawrence brought it in and placed it on the coffee table in the living room as he was coming in to take my place with Bow in the pens.

I opened the package. It wasn't something I had ordered, as I always have things delivered to my PO Box. On the inside, it wasn't wrapped like a Christmas present, and there was no indication of who had sent it. It was a book entitled A Foreign Policy of Freedom, and it was by Ron Paul. Some anonymous donor had sent it to me. Maybe it had something to do with my recent post on PubWages.

Around three-thirty, when I was placing the chicken in the oven for dinner, Lawrence popped out from the pens for a moment. "Bow says he wants an apple," he said to me in passing.

"Well, there are plenty of apples," I replied, gesturing in the direction of the dining room table.

Lawrence selected a couple of apples and was going to return to the pens. But he remembered something, so he turned back to me and said: "Oh, and Bow also wanted to know what was in the package."

I smiled. "Tell Bow it was a book by Ron Paul."

"A book by Ron Paul," Lawrence repeated, trying to make sure he wouldn't forget before he got back  to Bow with the apples.

Apparently Bow did not have much to say about the book after that. Lawrence thinks Bow was probably hoping the package was a present for him. Later in the day, Bow became very agitated, and when Lawrence asked him why, he spelled: "I don't like rain." It was not raining at the time. About an hour later, it started to rain. It was quite a downpour, while it lasted.

Today, when I took Bow outside to the outer pen, he was very careful not to step into any of the puddles.  He really does not like rain.


  1. I have never received an anonymous book, but I think that is an honor. Whoever read your post must have liked it, or find some insight in it.

  2. Thanks, JewelandtheSun! It was an unusual event.

  3. I have learned from this comment that on the one day a week when lawrence takes care of Bow, Lawrence still goes home to have his own lunch, and then comes back. I have no idea whether Lawrence goes home for all his own meals, i.e. whether he ever offers Bow any of Bow's meals.

    However, in an attemptto get Bow to type using the "talking computer" without any physical human contact, I urge you to try the following experiment:

    Let Lawrence offer Bow at least one of Bows meals, do it in the pen where the
    "talking computer" is installed, and bring in the touch screen for Bow to type what he wants to eat (of course, while holding Lawrences hand). Once Bow gets fully used to this new arrangemrnt, let Lawrence remove the touch screen, offer Bow the tray with the different food-items to choose what Bowe wants to eat, and tell Bow to type his answer using the "talking computer". Lawrence can even hand Bow the chop-stick Bow needs to do that.

    See what happens!

    The incident you reported with the three half-eaten grapes by Bow, suggests that when Bow is hungry, he is not going on a hunger strike, but try to type using the "talking computer", if he can.