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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bow Hears the Phone

The weather has been very nice indeed. Yesterday, when Bow asked to go outside, not only did I let him, but I also enlarged the outer pen by opening up the partition, and I decided that I wanted to play outside, too.

The dogs were out there, and there was the swing to swing on, but Bow kept indicating that I should go inside. When I did, Sword told me that the phone had rung, but she was unable to get to it. I went back to Bow and we started to play, but again Bow began to look in the direction of the interior of the house, as if something were going on in there that I should attend to. I asked him if the phone was ringing again, but he did not answer. Still, whatever it was seemed to really bother him.

Finally, Sword, who had been in the front yard, but had gone into the house in time to hear the phone ring but not in time to answer it, told me that the phone had rung again.

I went into the house, dialed *69, called the number and found out that it was someone who had heard about my talk at the museum, and who wanted to book me for a talk before her civic organization. We chose a date in June, and then I went back to Bow. He was much more relaxed after that.


  1. Very cool story on the account of that day with you and Bow and the kind person interested in your activities there. Nice post Aya, oh and very interesting videos up there and super cute with Bow and the doggy.

  2. Thanks, Mike. It's always encouraging to hear from readers.