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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swinging Before the Storm

I do not like to be outside much when it is hot, so Bow often ends up staying longer in the outer pen by himself, while I go back to the cooler, air conditioned inner pen. But late yesterday afternoon I went out with Bow, and the outer pen was unusually cool. A refreshing breeze, too mild to be termed wind, was blowing and everything seemed so inviting. Even though I had work to do on the computer, I lingered outside.

And as Bow was sitting on his bench, looking out at the dogs, it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to try  the swing.

The swing is a bit high for me, as when I am sitting in it, my feet cannot touch the ground. It is not the best swing for a human, since the seat has been damaged and split in two, and so prior to yesterday I never really took the effort to try to climb into it. However, once on, it was kind of nice. And seeing me trying to swing, Bow came over to help. He did not mind sharing his swing with me.

Bow helped swing me from one side, then from behind,  and then he sat down on the stoop that leads from the inner pen and gently kept the swing going while seated comfortably.

I don't know if you can hear it distinctly, but all the while that Bow was helping me swing, a little bird was chirping about the impending storm. Because it was not suddenly cool out for no reason. There was a storm a-brewing, and this was one of the signs.

After dinner, and after Bow had gone to bed and the dishes had been washed, I went for a solitary walk to the mailbox. Teyman is no longer with us, but I have gotten into the habit of the walks I used to take with her.

A little bird was sitting on a wire and singing about the weather as the storm clouds appeared overhead.

Even as I went out onto the county road to check the mailbox, the bird redoubled its singing.

I could see it was raining in the distant horizon as I walked back to the house.

By the time I got to the front porch, the storm had arrived.

It wasn't a very violent storm, and it did not last long, but it left raindrops on Bow's bench, and it is nice and cool outside this morning. Due to all the moisture on the ground, Bow did not want to go out this morning. He asked to go out, but when I opened the door he refused to move. He did not want to get his feet wet. So we went back in, and Bow asked for his rug.

It is a pretty, peaceful morning out, though. We passed through the storm, and all is well.


  1. I bet that's the same storm I got here:) lol

    So sweet Bow shares his swing...that's just darling.

    1. Kelly, I bet it is the same storm!

      Bow is very sweet. And we've been spending a lot of time outdoors because it is still very cool out, even though this is the first of July.