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Friday, July 19, 2013

Distant Thunder

The weather can't seem to decide what to do. One moment all is calm and the sun is shining, and the next, distant thunder threatens us with a storm, which may or may not ever materialize. Bow, always quite sensitive to nature's mixed signals, is not sure what to do, either.

Today is Sword's birthday, but we celebrated it on the 17th, as that was a Wednesday. Today, and for the next ten days or more, Lawrence will be on vacation with his family out of state. So today was an ordinary day for us, except that we had banana cake for breakfast.

I went for a walk after lunch with Brownie, and I noticed that the wind had blown some of the ripening pears off the trees before their time.

I gathered as many of the fallen pears as I could, in the hopes they will still ripen at home.

Luckily, there are still many more pears left on the tree.

In the late afternoon, Bow and I went out. While in the outer pens, we heard some distant thunder. It would start, then stop, with no clear resolution. Bow was confused as to what he should do about it. Should he ignore it, protest against it, ask to go back inside, or just take it lying down?

Eventually we did go back in. There is still thunder out there, but now it is closer. No rain yet, though.


  1. I remember a lightening storm once out in the desert where the lightning was striking the earth in various places, and there was quite a downpour. It was a quite a majestic sight. Thunder was more common up in the mountains, and we used to enjoy that game of counting to see how far away it is. I doubt it is very accurate, but fun for kids to play this game during a summer thunder storm.

    1. I suppose the counting game is about how long between the lightning and the thunder, to determine distance? I have never played that.

      We didn't actually see any lightning when we were out, which made the thunder all the more unexpected and unpredictable.