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Friday, November 14, 2014

Playing with Socks

I hate socks. They make me uncomfortable and sweaty, and I seldom wear them. But when it's really cold, and I am going for a walk outside, there is some advantage to heavy socks within my boots. Yesterday Bow saw me come back from my walk, take off my boots and remain in socks. He got very excited, and he beckoned me to approach, so he could examine my socks. Did I mention that he loves to see anything we wear on our feet?

Bow likes to take off my socks, one by one, then put one on, while using the other as a ball.

He did this several times yesterday.

Now, before you ask why I don't just give Bow a pair of socks of his own, I can tell you that he will not keep the socks on for long. For Bow, this is a fun game, but it would be torture to have to keep the socks on for any length of time. He feels the same way about clothes. He likes clothes, even likes trying them on, but they won't stay on for long.

When Bow was little he wore clothes, but as soon as he was big enough to make the decision for himself, he chose to do without. Bow remembers those days. We sometimes look at old pictures together.

Growing up means separating and individuating and choosing what to keep and what to discard from the traditions of your childhood.  In this, Bow is no different from anyone else.


  1. I have an aversion to socks, too. I have to wear them with shoes when I am out, but only because I tend to get horrible blisters if I do not. When I come home socks are off my feet.

    1. Yes, same here. There are some ways in which socks are helpful, but I don't like having them on all day.

  2. Ha! I love socks - I wear them for most of the year, except for the hottest part of summer. I think part of that is that I have to wear shoes and shoes require socks! I don't even go barefoot that much.
    Bob hates socks though - he will only resort to wearing them if he's feeling very cold.

    1. Hi, Kathy. I guess I am more like Bob than like you, when it comes to socks. Bow loves them, though only as toys.

  3. Adorable pictures! I love looking at them too! Thanks for sharing them. :)