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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Venturing Out

Yesterday was such a great day for Bow, that he did not even ask to go outside once, and he did not mind the snow at all. He had a party, guests and great food. There was no time to feel cooped up. Some of that carried over this morning, because there were still presents to open and play with.

There was the balloon that Laurie had given Bow.

There was his new berber carpet mat. It looked just like the carpet in the living room.

And then there was the brand new pair of socks I got him.

However, late in the afternoon, all this novelty began to wear off, and Bow asked to go outside. I said okay, but I did not really think he would go through with it, because there was still snow. Lots of snow.

Bow surprised me. Without once touching the ground, he went out.

He admired the view. He sampled the snow on the horizontal support.

He turned this way and that, but he never once set foot on the ground.

And when he decided it was time to come back inside, he did so with one quick bound, landing safely indoors.


  1. I like his new berber carpet mat. What a great gift idea! Who got that for him?
    And will he wear the socks or are they just a novelty?
    We have "birthday month" here - each of us gets the whole month to celebrate our birthdays....such things as Bob gets the whole month off from washing dishes after dinner, or whatever....small things. Sometimes, it's just the little things that bring joy - like a new rug or a pair of neat, pretty socks.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I bought him the berber carpet mat. He has not worn the socks yet, but you never know! It's all up to him.
      Today Lawrence came by and gave Bow a net shirt. I will post a photo later. So I guess you might say Bow is getting a bit of that birth month treatment, too, similar to what you and Bob do!