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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Bird in the Pen

A tiny bird somehow found its way into the outer pen yesterday afternoon. This happens every once in a long while.

Bow felt the need to chase the bird around and even to display at the tiny intruder.

I asked him not to hurt the bird, but he seemed to be trying to catch it.

The bird managed to avoid  Bow.

Eventually, it sought refuge in the indoor airlock,

There I was able to trap it in a tupperware container. And then I released it safely outside on the front porch. It flew away. End of story.


  1. I think Bow was just curious about the bird. One time years ago my sister was walking to our door, and a bird swooped down and pecked her on the head for no reason. This was surprising as we usually just had birds that hanged out in the trees and did their own thing. This bird must have thought she was going to do something, but she was just walking to the door.

    1. That is strange about the bird pecking your sister on the head for no reason. Bow did not necessarily want to hurt the bird, but he definitely thought it should not be there in the pen with him.

  2. That's a Carolina wren, Aya! Very cute birds, but very smart and very persistent also! It must have been very tired to let you catch it and move it to a safer area.

    1. Hi, Kathy. I believe it was also a Carolina wren the last time we had an intruder in the pen. Yes, it was very tired. Bow tired it out by chasing it.

  3. I thought we had this rodeo before. ;)