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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Wren In the Pen

Bow asked to go outside for the second time this morning. I think he already knew what I did not yet know -- that there was a small bird, a Carolina wren -- trapped inside the outer pen. I went in to get a container to trap it in, grabbing the closest thing handy, a trash can with a plastic bag for a liner. When I went back out to the pen, I kept the door to the airlock open, so the wren could fly in to safety. Bow had such an intelligent look on his face, as he held the door open for me and the wren.

We closed the door on the wren once it got into the airlock, with Bow staying in the outer pen, but with me indoors. However, the wren favored the space between the sliding glass door and the iron grated door. Bow watched me deal with the issue of how to catch it, and he remembered the trash can that was still in the outer pen with him. He went to get the trash can, though I already had gotten a tupperware container from inside.

Even though he was on the other side of the grid from me, Bow was very involved in the process of catching the wren. He had gone back to fetch the trash can and was holding it and seemed eager to use it to help catch the wren. Meanwhile, I was trying to get the wren to move out of the small space between the glass door and the grid and to move into the inner recesses of the airlock, so I could close the glass door.

I got the glass door closed and was getting ready to trap it in the tupperware container, but it flew up again.

Eventually I was able to catch the wren. I showed Bow that I had the wren trapped in the container, but he was too busy pretending that he had caught a bird in his trash can.

I released the wren in the front yard, and it flew away.

After I had set the Carolina Wren free in the front yard,  I came back to let Bow in from the outer pen.

He came in cradling the trash can, as if it were the most precious thing in the world to him! You can watch all the clips together as a single sequence in the video below.


  1. I came home Tuesday after a week in Louisiana, attending my step father's funeral. After getting settled into my easy chair to rest, I noticed 2 small birds fluttering about around my front door and heard their lovely, distinct calls. I peeked out the window and noticed 2 Carolina wrens poking about on the porch ceiling, vents, corners, etc. The male was very chatty with his little woman.
    It's kind of late in the season for them to be looking for nesting sites, so I wonder what they're up to right now? Maybe the continued brutal heat has them thrown off their schedule?
    I recall you having this happen several times now - have you ever been able to identify the hole where they're entering? They're such a determined, curious little bird and they seem to get themselves into trouble very easily! Great job on trapping it, Aya.
    Too funny about Bow pretending he had caught it in HIS can.

  2. Hi, Kathy. I am not sure what the Carolina wrens are up to this time of year, but from what you say they must be unusually active just now. I have not been able to see where these birds are entering. Maybe they can make themselves much smaller than they seem to be when they are all puffed up and are actually entering through the tiny holes in the grid. Their bone structure is petite, to say the least.

    I was really amused by Bow's pretending. It was as if he were saying "The bird I caught in my trash can is so much more interesting than the one you have in that tupperware container!"

  3. I am glad the wren was able to escape with your help and Bow's.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I'm glad the wren was able to fly to freedom in the front yard. Bow was doing his best to help with the process.