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Friday, September 30, 2016

Bow Tries a Guava

Then, again, maybe there is such a thing as an acquired taste, after all. No sooner had I come to the conclusion that Bow knows instantly exactly what he likes, I was presented with a counterexample.

Now that it's fall, there is a variety of fruit available at the store, including pomegranates, avocados, and guava. I am not really that big a fan of guava, but this time the fruit looked so small that it seemed unusually attractive.

The guava fruits are so small this season, they look like lemons next to the apples and the bananas. Yesterday, I offered Bow a guava. He took a sniff of it, and then he gestured with it toward my mouth. He wanted me to eat it. So I did, pausing every so often and offering some to him. He kept sniffing in my mouth, but he refused to eat the guava. "Well, that's that," I thought. "He doesn't like guava."

But then later in the afternoon Bow's friend who brings the bananas came by, and I offered her a guava, too. When Bow saw that his friend was enjoying the guava, he suddenly became very interested. '

"Bow do you want some guava, too?" I asked him. This time, when I offered him the fruit, he started eating it. In fact, he took it with him to sit on the other side of the door from his friend. They each ate their guava while looking at one another through the grid. I guess that's what you might call social eating.


  1. I once tried an unripe guava, but I did not much care for it. I prefer bananas.

    1. Hi, Julia. I don't think guava fruit is any good, unless it is ripe. My mother, who really loves guava, used to buy it unripe and kept it out till it ripened. The guava fruit has a strong odor, and I must say I do not care for the smell that much. But these guava fruits that I bought at Wal-Mart were already ripe.

    2. Maybe I will look at Walmart today and see if they have some ripe guavas as I have never tried a ripe one. Perhaps my opinion of the fruit is too influenced by the time I tried the sour one.

    3. They are not super-sweet even when ripe, and that's why it is kind of an acquired taste.