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Monday, December 19, 2016

When the Snow Came

We have had such a very mild fall that spring flowers were still blooming early in December.

We began to take it for granted that we would have spring weather all year. But when the snow finally came, it just so happened that my daughter and I were on a weekend visit to friends.

Lawrence was sitting with Bow, and we were en route to St. Louis, to visit my friend Michelle and her family. Remember that video of Bow's choice of mugs? It was Michelle's suggestion.

My friend Michelle with one of the mugs she thought Bow might like
En route to St. Louis, I experienced some weather related delays and problems that I won't bother to detail here, as it would be tedious. But what I do want to share is that everyone I met was kind and helpful. Michelle and her family went out of their way to help out in an important juncture, but there were also a couple of good Samaritans I met along the way, people I did not know. One of them was a Christian, and he said "I'm a Christian, so that is why I am helping you." On the way back, it was a Muslim and his family who helped me. And he said "We are Muslim, so we will help you." Each time, I wanted to just tell them that they were good people, and that's why they helped. Their religion had nothing to do with it. But since I was grateful and wanted to be polite, I didn't say that. I just said "Thank you so much!"

An ornament we gave to Michelle and her family

We shared good fellowship with Michelle and her family. We went to  a skating rink and to the mall and put up ornaments on her tree and exchanged gifts. 

The beautiful fox pillow Michelle gave me
It goes so well with In Case There's a Fox

When I got back, Bow was happy to see me, and we groomed for a long time. Then Bow asked to go outside. It was so cold out! I was surprised that he would ask that. But he just wanted to go out, look around at the altered landscape and then taste the snow. After about a minute, he leapt off the bench to the safety and warmth of the inner pen. 

This morning, after letting the dogs out and having breakfast with Bow, I noticed the beautiful sunrise behind the trees in the woods. I went out to get a better look. 

Leo came running the moment he saw me go out there.

But Brownie took much longer to emerge. He is slow and steady.

It was good to get away for a short while and meet with friends. But it is also good to be home again. 


  1. I am glad you got to spend time with Michelle. The fox pillow is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Julia. It was a wonderful visit, though all too brief. I love the fox pillow!