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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Almost Spring

Yesterday was so warm that it felt like spring. I went for a walk in the pasture, and a butterfly flew past me! Bow and the dogs were all feeling the warmth in the air, and we all congregated outdoors.

But while Bow just wanted to sit in a high place and enjoy the warmth, Leo wanted to play, and he jumped high in the air and barked to draw Bow's attention.

I called Leo over and asked him to stop pestering Bow, and he came by to the other side of the pen, complying with my request. It was such a nice day that I even took my own turn on the swing. Brownie, who is no longer a young dog, walked by and dropped a rock he hoped someone would throw so he could retrieve it.

In some neighbors' yards, the daffodils are already blooming. But ours got burned in the grass fire, so it may take a little longer this year. That's okay, because there is snow scheduled for Wednesday.


  1. My mom's daffodils always bloom by late February, but usually snow will bow these down.

    1. Yes, that has happened here as well in previous years. The daffodils come out, and later it snows again. But not this year, thanks to the grass fire.