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Sunday, February 7, 2016

More from The Missouri Conservationist

Bow's friend came by again this past week and brought him two new issues of the Missouri Conservationist to read. Actually, they had a very nice visit, and Bow enjoyed the socializing much more than any gifts she brought. Bow is at heart a very social person, and more than any material object, he likes to interact with people. He likes getting his back scratched, even if it is only with a pipe cleaner through the grid. He likes to groom and be groomed, to make faces, to jump in unison and to interact with others.

Bow is fundamentally social. More than anything else, he likes people. Which is why in the two issues of the Missouri Conservationist that he looked at this week, his favorite image was of a large group of men all standing together as one.

"I am Conservation," the not-so-large title at the back of the magazine reads. Then, underneath the photo it says: "Members of the Frederick Douglass Wildlife and Conservation Club pose for a photo at the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Louis, the site of club fishing trips at least twice. a year." Many of the men have their fishing poles with them. Bow looked at this image first before any other. He silently surveyed the group for a good long moment,  and he came back to this shot several times while leafing through the magazines.

Yes, there were other photos he looked at. But he paused only briefly to look at images of deer.

His main focus was humans.

And he especially enjoyed images of humans interacting with other humans.

The images of sportsmen buddies captivated Bow the most. He's a people person.


  1. entertaining, thank you for sharing

  2. It looks like an interesting magazine. I do not subscribe to magazines because I see so many these days, but I was surprised when I went to Barnes and Noble how there is a magazine for everything.

    1. Hi, Julia. It is a nice magazine, but I do not subscribe to it myself. It was Bow's friend who brought him these copies to read.

      Yes, I imagine there can be a magazine for every possible interest. But Barnes & Noble is not doing well these days.

  3. The magazine is online now, if anyone wants to read it there. I'm thinking of stopping the paper version from coming and just read it online.
    But, there's something I like about sitting in my chair and reading something on paper - maybe the tactile feedback. There are only 1 or 2 articles I even read in the conservationist anymore though - they've leaned so much towards just hunting information anymore, and I don't hunt.

    1. Yes, some magazines are just fun to leaf through for the pictures. The articles are not the main draw.