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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bow's Birthday Party 2016

Today,  Bow turned fourteen. But yesterday, since it was a holiday and a day off from school, we held his annual birthday party.

The birthday cake was decorated with candles shape like a one and a four. It was a cheesecake, as usual, pre-sliced and in a variety of flavors.

There was also Bluebell Dutch Chocolate ice cream. What more could anyone want?

Seeing all the preparations in progress, Bow waited impatiently for his party to start.

 Present at the celebration were Sword, her boyfriend Orion, Lawrence, his youngest daughter Lori, and of course, myself and Bow. Bow was disappointed that his friend who brings bananas was not able to come. He kept a lookout for her even after the party began.

Enjoying the birthday cake

The birthday song was sung, the candles were blown, and Bow had a slice of chocolate cheesecake followed  closely by ice cream.

Presents  were opened.

Bow got a red winter hat and matching gloves.

 Lawrence helped Bow to wear the gloves like socks on his feet.

Bow also enjoyed interacting with Lori.

The played chase and jumped together, but they also enjoyed quiet moments communing through the grid.

All in all, it was a happy birthday celebration.


  1. It looks like Bow is quite popular on his birthday. I like the red hat, and quite needed when the cold winter weather comes again.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Bow did enjoy all the attention. He seems to like the gloves that came with the hat even better -- they make such nice socks for him!

  2. Hi Ava. I just found your blog a few weeks ago I am sorry I didn't find it sooner. I have always been somewhat fascinated with non human primates but it is only of recent that I thought it would be cool to have a monkey(yes I know monkeys and chimps two different things getting to that). THen I thought trained monkey, then thought I want a chimp(reasons to long and personal to post here but if you want to know more and want to exchange e-mails I'll tell you). It didn't take me long to relize that monkey or chimp not for me. But I still have a love for them and been thinking for a long timem how cool it would be to meet one.

    I wished I would have found your blog sooner I have a couple of questions if I may

    1) Does bow like hearing from fans that found him on the web? If so pass along of all the individual primates I have found through my new love for thease amazing animals He is my favorite and would love to meet him if only to say hi and or shake hands?

    2) Does bow know how famous he is and does he like the attention?

    I guess that was only two questions I have for now. I thought I had more

    Anyway based on what I have read you have an amazing chimp and seem to treat him realy well. You treat him closer to a child than a pet but at the same time know he is a chimp and has to be treated as such.

    All living creatures are what they are. Bow may be the smartest chimp but he is still a chimp and as such won't grasp certain concepts we do. But at the same time I couldn't live as a chimp And you seem seem to get that

    Thank you for sharing you experience with with us keep posting things about bow I I have only found it recently but have enjoyes reading back stories Keep it up

    1. Bow is aware that other people are watching his videos, looking at his photos and reading about him. He used to be a little paranoid about this, feeling there were some people that did not mean him well -- we have gotten some really unpleasant comments in the past -- but now that I am screening those out, Bow is pretty much indifferent to the attention from far away people. He has the few who actually interact with him, who are his friends. He does not worry too much about anybody else.