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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bow Braves the Snow on Valentine's Day

Bow in the outer pen this afternoon
Today is Valentine's Day, and it snowed in the morning. But yesterday, the day after the fire, there was still smoke curling up from some of the stumps in the woods.

I walked though the forest and noticed a few smoldering embers.

I wondered whether any of it still might be a latent fire hazard. It smelled nice, like a campfire.

But this morning there was a blanket of snow covering the burnt portions of the land. No more fire hazard. All is safe and cold and white.

Bow waited until the afternoon to brave the cold so he could lounge about on his bench for a few moments.

He was careful not to set foot on the snow covered floor, and even wiped off the rim of the bench before lying down. Then he gave me a happy backwards glance before settling down.