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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Earning a Living

Will Bow ever earn his own living? It is something we hope for when we raise our children. Someday, when they are adults and we can no longer be there for them, they need to be able to make a living on their own.

If Bow is always confined, then how can he do that? Even I am finding it difficult, though  not impossible, to earn money when trapped in the pens. There are ways, however. One can work as an independent contractor writing copy, sorting through morphemes, tagging words in a corpus. You can get paid for work you do without ever leaving the house. However, you do have to have a house. They want a physical address. A P.O. Box won't do. They want a social security number. They want proof that you exist and are human and have residency somewhere. They want you to fill  out tax forms, and they want a copy of your passport. How is Bow going to produce all those things? You can't get paid without them.

Maybe after I am gone, Bow and the guy who can't read can work together. Bow will do the part that requires literacy, and the other guy will do the things that only a human can do: prove that he exists!

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