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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hanging out with Grandma

Bow and my mother have a pleasant, easy going relationship. When he was very small, she sometimes babysat both my children, and she visits us regularly, about twice a year. When she is not here, Bow hears her voice on the phone, and sometimes he sees her on Skype. Because she has not been a stranger all these years, it does not take Bow long to accept her after he has not seen her for a while.

These days, all their interactions take place through the glass, but it is still a very close relationship between grandmother and grandson.


  1. I totally admire the way you treat BOW. He is such a sweet,gentle,well mannered chimp. He eats so politely
    and calmly . I would love to hear from you.I'm in Toronto Canada.I advocate for chimps in captivity ,, those who still remain in bio medical research labs in USA. I despise what USA has done to chimpanzees.I understand your work is scientific but in a VERY humane manner. I noted you too are a fan of Sue Rumball,despite the controversy. I feel she has made remarkable progress with language cummunication with her bonobos Kanzi,and Panawasha,and the others, How long will your work with Bow last.? once your work is complete with Bow, what are your plans RE his future.Hope to hear from you, keep posting your wonderful work. A very Happy Hunaka to you,

    1. Thanks, Bluesbrigade. Bow is a very important person to me, and of course I treat him with respect. My research is not currently accepted, and funding is an issue, but as long as I can support my family, Bow will remain here. My hope is to either add others to our household, or to join a research facility where there are other chimpanzees where Bow and I can both be respected, each for what we are and for the contribution we have made.

      What has been happening to Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and her bonobos is an example of the current atmosphere concerning the Great Apes. I'm afraid Canada is no different in this regard. A Canadian researcher wanted to join forces with me and offered to share lab equipment, until she found out that her entire university would be de-funded if she did,under Canadian law. (The law is intended to ensure "humane treatment of animals" -- but achieves a completely different purpose.)

      The laws that you support, because you think that they save chimpanzees from medical research, are the same laws that make institutional researchers subject to govt mandated committees -- and that isolate completely any private, non-complying researcher like myself.

      If you think shunning among the Amish is bad, then you should see what they do to us! We were told that anyone who came to see Bow would be banned from Federally compliant ape research facilities.

      Things are not always as they seem. The politically correct agenda and government intervention in private matters have a stultifying effect on new discoveries and new research.