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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Windows on the World

This morning, Bow could see through the window in our front door that there was new activity and new faces across the road. So he sent me to investigate.

Some people think we have some kind of camera attached to our house that allows us to be aware of what is going on outside. But no, it's just a front window, and a chimpanzee who hears and sees everything and notices anything unusual that happens.

So off I went with Bow's blessing, to see what I could see. And here is what I saw:

I took a still shot, and I shot some footage and then I took it all back to show Bow.

He looked into my camera and looked at the photo and watched the video. Then I processed the footage and uploaded to Youtube.

After that I decided I would get some footage of Bow looking at the video I shot, so I took the laptop into the pen with Bow to show him the same footage, only much bigger. I wanted everyone to see how this technology gives Bow another window on the world. But guess what? By then he had seen that footage so many times already, that he wasn't interested, anymore. Instead, he got interested in how to use the laptop.

Bow has his own touchscreen computer. A touchscreen should be much easier for him to use, but he never takes interest in the touchscreen, anymore. I keep asking Lawrence: "Did Bow want to use his touchscreen today?" every Wednesday, hoping to hear that Bow has made some progress with his English keyboard. But Bow never asks for his touchscreen and refuses it when it is offered. And he never asks me to use it, either.

Until today, he's been content to watch the videos I select for him to watch on my laptop. But for some reason, today, he found the laptop more interesting than the video.

If only we could somehow harness this fleeting interest!


  1. Does Bow ever click on related videos to watch those when one you have selected is finished?

    1. That's a good question, Julia. He hasn't done it so far, but then he usually just lets me run the video.