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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just Another Snake

The long winter is finally over. And we have gone straight to summer. On May 14. when I gave my talk at the Dent County Historical Society, the temperature outside was around ninety. Yesterday, at Orchard House I spotted flowers in full bloom that should have waited a while to get there.

And today in the pen, snake season officially began. It was really just such a small snake that Bow was not even concerned about it.

I went outside into the back yard to look at the snake from the other direction, and as I came up, Bow was trying to touch it. I asked him not to.

I went to get some tongs and a container to put the snake in, so that I could transport it further away from the house, where neither Bow nor the dogs would bother it. But when I started to move the snake, the dogs wanted to take it away from me, and I had to tell them "no!" several times, before I had the snake tucked safely away in the container.

I took the snake out into the field and released it. It may come back later, but in the meantime it can hunt rodents unmolested by our dogs.

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