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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pomegranate Tree

We have a bedtime routine, Bow and I. When it is time for Bow to go to sleep, I take all the folding furniture out of my side of the pen, tidy things up, turn out the lights, and then hand Bow his blanket. Bow lies down on his blanket and then I sing him a song. The song is called עץ הרימון -- "The Pomegranate Tree." I am not a good singer, but Bow tolerates my singing, and he relaxes on his blanket and listens. Sometimes I think that he is listening for his name, which appears in these lyrics:

  שב אל הקשת שב החץ
שב הרימון אל ראש העץ
Returned to the Bow returned is the arrow,
Returned is the pomegranate to the top of the tree.

Because of recent changes in the weather, I have been experiencing some allergies, which make my voice hoarse. Today, as I was singing to Bow, my voice broke and I started to cough. Bow, who had been relaxing on his blanket, immediately got up, gave me a big kiss on my cheek, and then patted me on the back, as if clearing my airway. Then he went right back to lie down on the blanket, and I finished singing the song.

Bow is so supportive!